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YG Sets iKON′s Debut Date for September 15

Newsen by Hwang Hye Jin Jul 22, 2015 11:05 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:34
iKON will be making its debut on September 15.

iKON′s agency, YG Entertainment, stated to Newsen on July 22, "As the next hitter following Big Bang, iKON is scheduled to debut on September 15." The agency added, "The debut album will contain the members′ own songs."

Big Bang will be releasing the MADE album, marking the conclusion of the ′MADE SERIES′ project, on September 1. Big Bang will be passing the baton off to iKON on September 15.

As such, iKON will be YG′s third artist to show this year. Hip hop duo Jinusean was the first runner from YG to hit it big with Tell Me One More Time, which Jinusean and Epik High′s Tablo co-wrote and co-composed, in April. Big Bang then followed on May 1 and every following first day of the month with hits Loser, Bae Bae, Bang Bang Bang, We Like 2 Party, Sober and If You, garnering a total of six consecutive hits.

iKON′s debut was already announced when Yang Hyun Suk met with reporters in April to give an update on iKON′s status.

At the time, Yang Hyun Suk said, "Aside from Big Bang, there′s a high possibility that other YG singers will be making comebacks after October. We′re not taking other agencies artists′ comebacks into consideration. I think it′s most important to make sure that our artists don′t overlap with Big Bang′s promotions." He continued, "The team preparing the hardest right now is iKON. Winner is also urgent, but because iKON has not even debuted yet, we′re concentrating on preparations for its debut. I want to debut iKON by this summer. Leader B.I. has already made 20 or so songs for [iKON′s] debut, and he′s currently consulting with me and trying his best to produce better songs."

Meanwhile, iKON has already entered the public′s eye through Mnet′s WIN: Who is Next, Mix & Match and Show Me the Money. Although iKON has not debuted yet, it has already attracted a massive fanbase in and outside Korea, gaining recognition as skilled artists.
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