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Kim Soo Hyun′s Half Sister Almost Debuted with Girl Group The Ark

Newsen by Lee Soo Ah Jul 22, 2015 16:06 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:35
Kim Soo Hyun′s half sister Kim Joo Na almost debuted with girl group The Ark.

Kim Joo Na has been in the spotlight since it became known on July 22 that she is Kim Soo Hyun′s half sister. Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Joo Na have the same father. According to reports, Kim Joo Na was a preliminary member of The Ark, who debuted in April. However, ahead of the group′s debut, the agency decided her going solo would be more suitable, so she remained with the agency to prepare for her debut.

Kim Joo Na′s song for SBS drama High Society was released recently, and she plans to make her official debut as a solo singer in the beginning of next year.

Meanwhile, Kim Joo Na′s side stated, "It′s true Kim Joo Na is Kim Soo Hyun′s younger sister. It′s difficult to address in detail [regarding the family relationship]." Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Joo Na′s father is Kim Choong Hoon of 70s band Seven Dolphins, and he′s currently working on a trot album.
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