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′Cheo Yong 2′ Screenwriter Reveals He Was Originally Against Casting Jun Hyo Seong Because She′s an Idol

Mwave by Ko Soo Jin Aug 17, 2015 16:33 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:37
Hong Seung Hyun, the screenwriter of OCN drama Cheo Yong 2 revealed the backstory to Jun Hyo Seong′s casting.

Hong Seung Hyun stated at a production presentation for Cheo Yong 2, held at the Amoris Hall in Yeungdongpo′s Time Square in Seoul on August 17, "In the beginning, I disapproved of casting an idol actor." Hong continued, "Jun Hyo Seong was waiting outside, and I said outright that I was against it. To be honest, I didn′t know that she was outside. Because she was dressed so plainly I didn′t recognize her.

The screenwriter continued, "I was against it from seeing her flashy side on stage, but I don′t have any regrets now. Her acting has especially improved a lot since season one. Now, she′s number one in terms of casting with Oh Jo Ho."

Meanwhile, Cheo Yong 2 is about a ghost-seeing detective, Yun Cheo Yong, who attempts to solve hidden mysteries. The 10-episode drama will air the the first two episodes on August 23, airing new episodes every Sunday at 11 p.m. KST.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan
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