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Kwak Si Yang Shares His First Thoughts on ′We Got Married′

Mwave by Lee Ji Young Aug 28, 2015 18:37 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:39
Kwak Si Yang, who has been confirmed for MBC′s We Got Married, shared his thoughts on the first recording.

Kwak Si Yang, who finished filming the first episode at dawn on August 28, said, "I′m still really excited and nervous. I′m not sure where to begin, and I was too shy to express myself well. I′m looking forward to it because I think it′ll be a new experience. I will work hard in order to show my honest, not made up self, so I′d like it if you watched enjoyably." Kwak Si Yang, with his handsomely tall 187 cm stature and athletic frame as well as boyish appearance and adorable smile, is rising at a frightening rate on the drama and film scenes.

After entering the public eye through Sing Again, Hera Gu, Kwak Si Yang was cast in a lead role on a major network within a year of his debut and chosen as the face of a denim brand. He has also shown not only his acting abilities, but style sense in popular drama Oh My Ghostess, which recorded its highest viewer rating of 8.5 percent, proving himself a scene stealer.

Not only that, Kwak Si Yang has shown his distinct color as an actor alongside veteran actors Shin Dong Mi and Kim Joon Bae in the dark comedy film Chicken Game.

He has also been cast to play Kim Hye Soo′s younger boyfriend and rising actor Ji Hoon in Kim Tae Gon′s 2016 film Family Plan alongside Ma Dong Seok and Kim Hyun Soo.

We Got Married marks Kwak Si Yang′s first attempt at variety, and he is expected to be the definition of a dream man. Interest is gathering as Kwak Si Yang is expected to approach the show as his usual honest and easy-going self.

Kwak Si Yang has risen as a blue chip in dramas for stealing the hearts of women with his cynical, yet friendly charms, even being hailed the ′ideal boyfriend,′ and many are curious to see what sides he′ll show through his virtual married life.

Meanwhile, Kwak Si Yang is set to star as Kang Ki Chan in KBS drama All is Well, which premiers on August 31.

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