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Rising Star Kwak Si Yang Steals Both Drama and Variety Scenes

Mwave by Ko Soo Jin Sep 5, 2015 23:11 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:40
The rising star of Oh My Ghostess Kwak Si Yang has burst onto both the drama and variety scenes.

Kwak Si Yang, whose role in the recently-ended tvN drama Oh My Ghostess threw him into the spotlight, is currently starring in KBS′ daily drama All is Well, which premeiered on August 31. He has also begun stealing women′s hearts on MBC variety show We Got Married, since his first episode with Kim So Yeon aired on September 5.

Kwak Si Yang is meeting viewers Monday to Friday through All is Well and on Saturday through We Got Married. A rarity for a rookie who made his debut just a year ago, Kwak Si Yang, who is starring in a drama and variety show at the same time, is juggling a busy schedule.

Not only did the We Got Married producers′ ′wild card′ casting of Kwak Si Yang draw attenton, Kwak Si Yang′s activities as an actor are steadily continuing. He has also been bast in film Family Plan, which is set to premiere in the first half of next year. He will show a different charm as Kim Hye Soo′s younger boyfriend.

Meanwhile, industry insiders are crediting Oh My Ghostess as the catalyst of Kwak Si Yang′s rise in popularity. Kwak Si Yang played the role of a pretty boy chef who appears standoffish and chic but is kind and sweet.

Photo credit: Starhaus Entertainment
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