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Twice′s Tzuyu and Mina Talk About Adjusting to Life in Korea

Newsen by Park Hye Jung Oct 20, 2015 17:12 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:44
Twice′s foreign members Momo, Tzuyu and Mina said of trainee life in Korea "It was scary and frustrating because we couldn′t speak Korean."

JYP Entertainment′s nine-member rookie girl group Twice held a debut showcase at AX Hall in Seoul on October 20, where the members opened up about the circumstances leading up to their debut.

Taiwanese member Tzuyu said of the difficulties she faced in Korea, "When I first came to Korea, I had a hard time because I couldn′t speak Korean, but the members helped me a lot and if there was something I didn′t know, the members took care of me, so it wasn′t as difficult. I′m having fun now."

Tzuyu continued, "I couldn′t speak any Korean before I came to Korea. I wanted to talk to people, but because I couldn′t I became frustrated. I was scared when I first came to Korea. But it was okay because there were a lot of trainee unnies and oppas who took care of me."

Japanese member Mina said, "I was nervous about coming to Korea. It was scary because I couldn′t speak Korean, but living as a trainee, there were a lot of members to take care of me and help me, so I′m having fun."

Meanwhile, Twice′s lead single Like OOH-AHH from debut album The Story Begins is a dance track that was created by Black Eyed Pilseung, who was behind hits like miss A′s Only You and GOT7′s If You Do.
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