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SHINee′s Key Says Attitude is More Important than Sense When it Comes to Fashion

Newsen by Jo Yeon Kyeong Nov 1, 2015 11:07 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:45
SHINee Key′s latest photo spread is packed with personality.

Key, who has been active in musicals and on variety shows recently, is featured in a spread and interview for Cosmopolitan.

Cosmopolitan caught up with Key in San Francisco, where he transformed into a fall man, styled in knits and light coats.

Key, who garnered hits with View and Married to the Music from SHINee′s fourth full-length album this year and is currently appearing in the musical In the Heights, said, "Although coming to San Francisco may be, in part, ′work,′ to me, it′s a sweet vacation."

Key, who turned heads with his airport fashion en route to San Francisco, often attempts new things in order to stand out from the crowd. He said, "The important thing is to not be bound by style in and of itself, but one attitude when it comes to fashion. Matching a fashion item to my own style in and of itself is fun."

Key′s spread for Cosmopolitan can be found in the November issue.

Photo credit: Cosmopolitan
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