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Park Seo Joon Releases ′She Was Pretty′ OST

Mwave by Nancy Lee Nov 6, 2015 16:46 Updated Dec 20, 2017 14:46
As if the latest episode of MBC′s She Was Pretty didn′t give us enough to squeal about, Park Seo Joon has decided to sing. For real this time (that karaoke scene, smh).

Park Seo Joon′s OST for She Was Pretty, Long Way was released on November 6, taking aim at our fragile hearts once more. The song was first introduced on episode 15 of She Was Pretty, which aired on November 5, and the lyrics convey Park Seo Joon′s character, Ji Sung Jun′s circumstances and mental state.

Meanwhile, the final episode of She Was Pretty will air on November 11.

Photo credit: MBC′s She Was Pretty
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