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“High School Rapper 2” Winner Kim Haon Achieves 4-chart All-kill Status with “Boong Boong”

by Vanessa A. Apr 16, 2018 16:29 Updated Apr 17, 2018 08:31

Mnet’s Hip Hop survivor program “High School Rapper 2” named 18-year-old Kim Haon its winner on April 13th, but he secured an additional crown even after the credits rolled. Within three hours of releasing Kim Haon’s final-winning track, “Boong Boong,” the single hit the #1 spot on Mnet, Bugs, Genie, and Olleh Music to strike all-kill gold. 

“Boong Boong” was produced by Groovy Room, the duo who have produced for everyone from Heize to Dok2, and featured “Show Me The Money 4’s” Sik-K. Overflowing with the energy and confidence of "Boong Boong's" refrain, “Set me free / above the sky / Set me free / I never let me down,” Kim Haon secured the top spot.  

Before winning “High School Rapper 2,” Kim Haon was a participant in both season one of “High School Rapper” and “Show Me The Money 4,” where he was edited out from broadcast. Check out the full video of “Boong Boong” below to see the winning performance years in the making. 


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