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6 Knee-slapping Videos To Celebrate GOT7's Mwave Music Chart Win

Mwave by Nia Johnson Oct 18, 2018 18:00 Updated Oct 19, 2018 08:04

This month's Mwave Music Chart winner is GOT7! The group won with a whopping 160,060 votes, all of which launched them into the running for Mwave Global Fans' Choice award at 2018 MAMA. This is the second time GOT7 has won on Mwave's Music Chart, the first being in April for Look

In celebration of their October win, we've put together six knee-slapping videos that'll have you laughing the whole way through. Keep some tissue near by, cause they just might bring you to tears in the best of ways. Check out the hilarity down below! 

1. Jackson hanging off the wall is all of us during a zombie apocalypse. 

2. Only GOT7 can look this good in grandma wigs and pink blush. 

3. GOT7 plays soccer with a twist...

4. BamBam singing opera and kissing  Youngjae? 

5. What if GOT7's Jackson and Jin-young were interns at your workplace? 

6. This group sure does like zombie games. Welcome to "Train to Busan: GOT7 Edition". 

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