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Learn Korean with GOT7's "Miracle"

Mwave by Deana Gulyn Kim Dec 3, 2018 18:00 Updated Dec 4, 2018 08:50

“Learn Korean with K-Pop” is back with GOT7’s “Miracle”!


#1: 유난히 (Yoo-nan-hee): “particularly, especially”



유난히 내겐

Yoo-nan-hee nae-gaen

Especially to me



유난히 (Yoo-nan-hee) means particularly and especially. The word is used to emphasize things.


How You Can Use '유난히’ (Yoo-nan-hee)

For example, you can use ‘yoo-nan-hee’ to describe emphasize that it is unusual for the weather to be this cold. 


Friend: I’m freezing.

You: Me too, I checked the weather and it says it’s 50 ºF (10 ºC) today.

Friend: That’s so unusual for Los Angeles, don’t you think? This time last year wasn’t as cold.

You: Yeah this winter is ‘yoo-nan-hee’ cold.



#2: 살며시 (Sal-myuh-si): “secretly, cautiously, gently” 




살며시 내게 다가와 어느새 맘에 쌓여와

Sal-myuh-si nae-gae da-ga-wa uh-neu-sae maem-eh ssa-yeo-wa

Come to me gently pile up in my mind without noticing



살며시 (Sal-myuh-si) means something comes to you gently and cautiously and usually happens without you noticing.


How You Can Use '살며시’ (Sal-myuh-si)

You can use it to describe how you didn’t notice your friend was coming from behind because she was walking so gently.


Friend: Hey.

You: Oh my goodness, you scared me. When did you come? I didn’t hear anything.

Friend: Oh, I was walking behind you for a good 30 seconds and you didn’t notice me.

You: You came to me so ‘sal-myuh-si’. I didn’t hear any footsteps.

Friend: Oops, I’m sorry if I scared you.



#3: 상상할 수도 없어 (Sahng-sahng-hal soo-do up-suh): “I can’t imagine” 



상상할 수도 없어 My everything

Sahng-sahng-hal soo-do up-suh My everything

I can’t imagine My everything



상상할 수도 없어 (Sahng-sahng-hal soo-do up-suh) is a phrase that means “(I) can’t imagine”. 상상 (Sahng-sahng) means imagination. 



How You Can Use ‘상상할 수도 없어’ (Sahng-sahng-hal soo-do up-suh)

For example, you can use this phrase to express your appreciation of your friend.


Friend: I wouldn’t know what I'd do without you. 

You: Same, I'm so glad we met in college.

Friend: ‘Sahng-sahng-hal soo-do up-suh’ my life without you. 

You: We're soulmates. You know you’re going to be my maid of honor, right?

Friend: Of course, and you too. 



 Here is GOT7’s “Miracle” music video for you to watch!

Video credit: JYP Entertainment

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