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South Korean President Moon Jae-in Shouts Out Seventeen & BTS During State Visit To New Zealand

Mwave by Deana Gulyn Kim Dec 4, 2018 17:00 Updated Dec 5, 2018 03:44

Image credit: Pledis Entertainment

During his tour of New Zealand, South Korean President Moon Jae-in mentioned took a moment to shout out some of the biggest stars in K-Pop.

“Recently, people in New Zealand started to love Korean culture. New Zealanders love Kimchi burgers and marinated fried chicken, and sing along to BTS and Seventeen.”

President Moon continued, “Currently, there’s 3,000 elementary and middle school students learning Korean. At the University of Auckland, there’s over 500 students majoring in Korean. From Congresswoman Melissa Lee to professional golfer Lydia Ko, I’m proud of each one of you in excelling in Politics, Economics, Culture and Sports.”

On December 3, President Moon participated in the Korean-New Zealander Conference to announce his promises for peace in the Korean peninsula and positive changes that will affect Koreans living in New Zealand. “When Korea becomes more prosperous and peaceful, Koreans living in New Zealand will also benefit from that. Please support peace in Korea,” said President Moon.

Later at the conference, President Moon sang along to “Yeon-ga”, which originated from “Pokarekare Ana”, a traditional New Zealand song spread by New Zealand's soldiers who fought in the Korean War. “Pokarekare Ana”, written in Maori, is translated to “friendship of the long-lasting night”. President Moon emphasized the friendship between Korea and New Zealand, “At the time, New Zealand only had 10,000 soldiers and 6,000 soldiers helped in the Korean War. Currently, we are co-producing a film with the title of the song ‘Pokarekare Ana’.”

It’s exciting to see the cultural exchange between New Zealand and Korea in the future, and to see the popularity of K-Pop spreading as well!

Thumbnail Credit: Pledis Entertainment

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