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Who Is The Fiercest Squeaky Hammer Warrior In NU'EST W?

Mwave by Deana Gulyn Kim Dec 4, 2018 18:00 Updated Dec 5, 2018 05:17

Video credit: JTBC

On the December 4 episode of JTBC's "Idol Room," the NU’EST W members got a little competitive while playing with a squeaky hammer.

Before we get to that, here are some secrets that JR shared about his fellow members. “Aron covers his face with his left hand when he laughs. Ren goes through phases where he will only eat ice cream. Start of winter, usually during early fall, he eats ice cream a lot. Ren also has different drinks for each season. Right now, he drinks grapefruit juice a lot,” revealed JR. 

As for the hammer game, the rules are simple. In a fierce game of rock, paper, scissors, the winner must try to hit the loser with a squeaky hammer, while the loser must try to take cover using a ramen pot. 

As you watch and decide which member is the squeaky hammer warrior of your heart, check out these highlights below!

1. Ren finds a new use for a folding table. 

2. As they say, it's better to hit yourself with a ramen pot than be subjected to the iron fist of the squeaky hammer. Right?

3. Aron goes in for the pot instead of the hammer despite his win. The best offense is a good defense?

4. The first injury at the hands of a squeaky hammer.

But, when the one who wields the hammer has biceps that are 16.5 inches in circumference, things could have been worse. 

5. "Help me."

6. But, at last, rapid fire revenge was sweet for JR. 

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