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New Behind The Scenes Video For "SM Station" Collab Between NCT's Renjun, Jeno, & Red Velvet's Yeri

Mwave by Nia Johnson Dec 5, 2018 18:00 Updated Dec 6, 2018 08:55

Credit: SM Entertainment 

On December 5, SM Entertainment released another batch of teasers for the upcoming "SM Station" collaboration between NCT members Renjun, Jaemin, and Jeno, and Red Velvet's Yeri. While the last batch of pictures were dedicated to Renjun, there was also a special video release featuring Jeno.

The idol sweetly stares out into the distance, all the while standing against a dreamy background of plush cotton candy like clouds and a bright purple sky. And that's not the only surprise we got. Along with the teasers, came a behind the scenes look at the photoshoot, where Jeno playfully poses and shows of some aegyo. Flapping his arms like a bird--it's all too cute for words!  

The mischievous atmosphere matches the trio's song "Hair in the Air," which will serve as both the opening and ending theme song for the upcoming premiere of "Trolls" in Korea. NCT's Haechan, Chenle, and Jisung, will also have a song, "Best Day Ever," feature on the "Trolls" soundtrack. 

"Hair in the Air" will release on December 13 alongside NCT's "Best Day Ever"! Check out the remaining teasers down below!


Image & Thumbnail Credits: SM Entertainment 

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