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Super Junior and REIK Discuss The Rising Popularity of Latin and K-Pop Music In This Billboard Interview

Mwave by Nia Johnson Dec 6, 2018 18:00 Updated Dec 7, 2018 04:39

Credit: Billboard 

Super Junior and Mexican Pop-Rock trio REIK sat down with Billboard in an exclusive interview where they discussed their recent collaboration hit "One More Time"! The men revealed everything from what it was like working with one another, to their perspective on the changing landscape of music, and the rise of Latin and Korean pop. 

This may be Super Junior and REIK's first collaboration project with one another, but it isn't the first time the K-Pop group has ventured into the realm of Latin music. In the past, the group joined forced with Latin Pop singer Leslie Grace, and released the hit song "Lo Siento". In comparison, Leetuk says their newest collaboration sound "feels more Latin than 'Lo Siento' with deep emotions". You can check out the full "One More Time" MV and get a feel for it here

While international K-Pop collaborations are at an all time high, it's still rare to see music featuring multiple languages, especially a Spanish and Korean combo. The two genres haven't often found themselves working with one another, save the recent collab with Leslie Grace, GOT7's "Lullaby" Spanish version, and the 2016 song "Get Dumb" by boy band CD9 and Korean group Crayon Pop. REIK member Jesús talks touches on the subject briefly, stating "It's very exciting to be mixing these two worlds. I feel like Korean music, and Latin music are having such moment worldwide, and I think its a great moment for this collaboration to happen". 

"It's also exciting to think that we don't need to sing, necessarily, in English, to be able to have a worldwide record anymore," the singer continues on later in the interview. With bands like BTS, EXO, and Super Junior topping charts around the world with their latest comebacks and songs, the singer makes a valid point. In an increasingly globalized world, more and more non-English songs have made their way onto album charts. "One More Time" itself topped iTunes' charts in 26 countries during its release, and peaked at #18 on Billboards' "Latin Digital Song Sales" chart. 

The groups end the interview on a playful note by teaching each other some phrases in their own languages. REIK teaches Super Junior "a huevo," the least inappropriate slang word they could think of, while Super Junior teaches the band "hul daebak". The first is used to express your elation at an event, and the other is used when you're surprised by something. 

You can watch the full language course in this Billboard video! 

Thumbnail Credit: Billboard 

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