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Are You Ready To Be Dazzled By These Photos of TWICE At The "TWICELAND" Premiere?

Mwave by Deana Gulyn Kim Dec 6, 2018 18:00 Updated Dec 7, 2018 07:29

Video credit: eNews

On December 6, TWICE attended a press conference and red carpet for the premiere of “Twiceland” held in Seoul, Korea, and chatted about their first film.

Nayeon revealed that Jihyo is an amazing actress, “Jihyo is the master of crying scenes. She cried for almost 30 minutes straight.” TWICE's Jihyo also shared what it's like to debut as rookie actresses. “We can't believe that we debuted as actresses. We're looking forward to watching our own concerts because we never got the chance to see ourselves perform."

The movie shows live scenes from their second tour “TWICELAND ZONE 2 : FANTASY PARK”. In 2018, TWICE held their second tour in Korea, Japan and four Southeast Asian countries, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, from May to August. The movie also includes stages of their hit songs performed during their concert tour, which will give viewers the feeling of watching a live concert. Other scenes in the film will include their overseas concert scenes, behind the story, sing-along scenes and personal interviews.

“Twiceland” will be released on December 7 on CGV's Screen X, a unique cinematic system where both the front and side screens are used to give viewers an immersive experience. On the same day, the film will be released in the United States and Canada in 21 locations, which you can check out in the tweet below.

Image credit: JYP Entertainment

TWICE is scheduled to release their third special album "The Year of Yes” on December 12 at 6PM KST. The title track “The Best Thing I Ever Did” will be revealed in the movie before the album's official release. Another reason for you to watch their debut film!

Here are the pictures of TWICE at the movie premiere. Are you ready to be dazzled?

Image credit: eNews

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