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GOT7 Will Showcase A New Style of "Lullaby" At 2018 MAMA in Hong Kong

Mwave by Deana Gulyn Kim Dec 6, 2018 19:00 Updated Dec 7, 2018 08:54

Image credit: JYP Entertainment

GOT7 has a gift for their global fans!

With less than three days till 2018 MAMA week kicks off, GOT7 revealed their 2018 MAMA performance concept: “dark and sexy nightmare”. They announced that they will showcase a slightly different performance stage for their recent hit song “Lullaby” at 2018 MAMA in Hong Kong on December 14. 

Along with “Lullaby”, GOT7 will perform their top tracks and showcase different stage performances. GOT7 was the recipient of World Performer Award at 2017 MAMA, and this year all eyes will be on their performance stages to see whether they will take the title again.

GOT7’s hit song “Lullaby”, the title track from their Present: YOU album, broke various records after its release. GOT7 topped seven music showcases in Korea with “Lullaby”, and they also released English, Chinese and Spanish versions of the song for their global fans.

On December 3, GOT7 released another album Present : YOU&ME Edition with the title track “Miracle”. Amidst busy schedules with their recent comeback, the seven members are preparing their exclusive stages just for 2018 MAMA. 

2018 MAMA Week is set to start on December 10, and will take place in Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong. The week-long event will start off with the "2018 MAMA Premiere" in Korea at Dongdaemun Design Plaza, continue onto "2018 MAMA Fans' Choice" in Japan on December 12 at the Saitama Super Arena, and close on December 14 with 2018 MAMA in Hong Kong at the Asia World-Expo Arena. 

Who’s excited to see GOT7 rock the “dark and sexy nightmare” concept?

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