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Winter Special

Mwave Admin’s Favorite JK Videos To Binge Watch On #JungkookDay

Mwave by Kenzie Park Jan 9, 2019 17:00 Updated Jan 9, 2019 16:53

Mwave Winter Special #1

Wondering why #JungkookDay is trending on twitter all day long even though today isn’t his birthday? It’s just because Jungkook marked the 9th of January as ‘Jungkook’s Day’ on their official season’s greetings calendar for ARMYs to upload anything about him on the internet. We don’t make the rules, but he does. So here are some random videos we love.



(Image cr. Twitter @btscloudpiece)

Videos of Jungkook being the biggest baby of BTS family

Chubby bunny JK compilation 

@ Mnet New Yang Nam Show

Big Hit confirmed that he's still a baby.

The original footage of ‘Annyeonghaseyo Jeoneun Bangtan Sonyeondan Hwanggeum Maknae Jeon Jungkook Imnida’

Jungkook with cute specs & singing 'cool tomato song' while half asleep

@ Run BTS!

Videos of Jungkook being the most talented child of K-Pop industry

Jungkook singing 'BIGBANG - IF YOU'

in noraebang (karaoke)

and as ‘Fencing man’

@ MBC King of Masked Singer

G.C.F PD-nim editing, struggling with V's Nem Yem


He can even do ASMR (54:40~)

And this.

@ 2018 MAMA in HONG KONG


Jungkook participating in #JungkookDay event

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