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Vote for Your Favorite Female Idol of the Month Now!

Mwave by Nia Johnson Jan 9, 2019 14:00 Updated Jan 10, 2019 05:38

Credit: MLD Entertainment 

Mwave fans, it's time to vote! There's twenty-one days left until voting polls close, and while that seems like a lot of time, "time flies". Before the month comes to an end, make sure to vote for your favorite female idol on our "2019 K-Pop Bias Survey - Female Idol" poll.  Until then, here's an update of the current results:

MOMOLAND's Hyebin takes the current lead with 692,280 votes (33.7%). AOA's Seol-hyun follows in second with 404,593  votes (19.7%). Our third place spot goes to BLACKPINK's LISA with 35,375 (1.7%), MOMOLAND's Nancy takes fourth with 29,306 (1.4%) , and TWICE's Tzuyu claims fifth with 25,983 votes (1.3%). 

Want to see your idol favorite in first place? Just head over to Mwave and vote for your pick of the month! 

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