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Big Hit Entertainment Announces New Boy Group TXT: Meet Its First Member Yeonjun

Mwave by Nia Johnson Jan 10, 2019 13:00 Updated Jan 11, 2019 04:22

Watch out world, there's a new boy band coming your way, and they're named TXT. BTS' label Big Hit Entertainment, revealed the news through their official Twitter account. 

TXT -- "TOMORROW X TOGETHER" -- will be Big Hit's first group following sunbae group BTS' debut in 2013. To say fans are excited would be quite the understatement. As of this moment, 10:43 PDT, "TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER" and "Big Hit" are trending worldwide on Twitter. The news comes just a day after Big Hit released this "What do you do? What do you see?" teaser. While the post itself didn't mention a new group, fans speculated so after seeing this source code. Written out as one of the key words was "new boy group". Now, just a day later, the group has been officially confirmed. 

The agency introduced TXT through their "What Do You Do?" film, and we're steel reeling from all the colors, lights, and overall fun vibe of it. TXT member Yeonjun dances around the screen, winning a bear at the claw machine, playing games at a computer cafe, and landing himself in a small karaoke machine where he sings happily away to said bear. And while everything seems full of life, it's the ending that clues us in to something more. Throughout the video, the idol is by himself, something that doesn't really seem to bother him, or us, until the end. Is there more to this unending cheer than meets the eye? We'll find out soon enough.

Last year, Big Hit confirmed their plans of debuting a group early in 2019. Going off that given information, TXT will likely be composed of five members. However, anything other than that has not been confirmed. Instead, alongside the before mentioned MV film,  the company released a couple of teaser photos. And, if BTS' past releases are anything to go by, everything from the color, to the background of these photos will most likely will connect to their concept as a group. As of now, the only released teaser has been a photo of Yeonjun. The idol sports a yellow cardigan, while holding yellow flowers between his hands. Could this be cluing us into something? Comment your thoughts below. 

Now that the group has been officially announced, they have their own Twitter account. Just four hours after making the account, TXT has more than 424,000 followers! Since then, they have released three posts, one of which illustrated their group's logo. It's giving us some major "Jimmy Neutron" vibes, and feels very futuristic.

The next TXT member is set for reveal in another 67 hours! That's a little a little less than three days away. Until then, bask in Yeonjun's glorious intro video above. 

You can check out the rest of the teasers and posts below!

Thumbnail Credit: Big Hit Entertainment 

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