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NCT's Haechan Finds An Uncanny Doppelganger In An L.A. Zoo Pudu, Now It's Being Named After Him

Mwave by Nia Johnson Jan 10, 2019 16:00 Updated Jan 11, 2019 08:05

Credit: SM Entertainment 

We've read some interesting news in our time, but never have we encountered headlines quite like this: "Name the L.A. Zoo Pudu Haechan"! 

That's right, you didn't read it wrong. The L.A. Zoo will name their newest animal kingdom addition "Haechan." What's a pudu, you ask? It's kind of like a really tiny deer. His parents Steph and Mario gave birth to him last year on December 19, an event that was shared on social media. The adorable newborn animal awed viewers around the world, something that garnered attention from a particular group of people -- NCT fans. The resemblance between Haechan and the baby pudu was uncanny, an opinion they shared around social media. 

I mean just look at these: 

Credit: @LAZoo 

The Los Angeles Zoo saw the influx of comments, and gave fans the opportunity in naming the pudu. There is however, one condition. Typically, donors of the zoo name animals, however due to the idol and pudu's visual similarities, they decided on a different route. If the zoo raised $2,000 by Monday, January 14, they promised the baby pudu would be named Haechan. Fans did not disappoint. Just a day of it was released into the world, the post went viral, and the zoo received $2,527. 

In response to generous donations, the zoo wrote this: “Wow! NCT fans have met the goal already, and we are so grateful — as a nonprofit, your generosity means the world". 

So, it's final, this pudu will henceforth be known as Haechan! Next time you go to the L.A. Zoo, go check out how he's doing.

You can check out the official Facebook post here


Thumbnail Credit: @LAZoo

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