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Discussion Post: Here's What Happened On BTS' "Save Me" Chapter 7

Mwave by Nia Johnson Feb 7, 2019 17:00 Updated Feb 8, 2019 08:38

The latest chapter of BTS' "Save Me" just came out on LINE's Webtoon app, but before we get started, please be aware that there will be spoilers ahead.

Image Credit: LINE Webtoon

Last week we touched on chapter six, now, we'll be discussing chapter seven, which is currently available on fast pass. The cost of the pass will vary depending on where you're reading from but from the U.S., if you buy 10 coins for one dollar, you'll be able to read two chapters on fast pass.

What Happened in "Save Me" Chapter 7

Chapter seven takes us back to the past. Yoongi, who we last saw burning down his hotel room, is stationed at a piano. The melody of his song catches the attention of Jungkook, who pokes his head into the room to get a listen. Immersed in the beauty of the music, Jungkook lies atop a nearby desk and gently smiles as Yoongi plays on. However, his peace is short-lived, as a dark shadow looms above him. When he opens his eyes, a tall male figure slaps Jungkook. 

Startled, he lands on the floor and flinches when another blow comes his way. However, before the man can strike him anymore, Yoongi steps in between them. The shot switches to a notice board, and pinned to it is Yoongi's expulsion note from the school.

The scene flickers back to the moment Yoongi lights his hotel room on fire.

At the same time, Seokjin anxiously looks around for Yoongi. He thinks back on the three times Yoongi had set a fire, and concludes that his friend must be in one of those three places. Suddenly, he sees a smoke in the peripheral of his vision. The motel he's passing by is on fire! He jumps out the car, runs into the hotel, up the stairs, and outside of the burning room. However, no one is answering his calls and the door is locked. Seokjin searches around and finds an emergency ax. Mustering all his strength, he whacks away at the door and finds an unconscious Yoongi on the bed. He grabs Yoongi and hoists him on top of his back. For a moment, Yoongi gains consciousness and whispers Seokjin's name. 

The scene changes, and we're at the hospital we saw in chapter five. Everything is the same, except this time Jungkook and Namjoom aren't there waiting with Seokjin. The last time Seokjin went to the hospital, Yoongi died. Will the same thing happen this time?

We're transported to another room, where Seokjin is looking out of the window. Behind him, Yoongi calls out his name. He comments on how hot the fire was, and compares the flames to hell. Yoongi confesses that he was looking for death in the fire, that eternal peace was his objective. The he talks about how someone dragged him away from that peace, and back into hell. His accusing eyes focus in on Seokjin, and he blames him for bringing him back. Hauntingly, he questions why Seokjin didn't just let him die. 

It's at this very moment that Seokjin realizes he never actually saved Yoongi. Yoongi is trapped in a darkness that Seokjin wasn't able to pull him out of. In the end, perhaps saving him from the fire was never the true objective. Yoongi must be saved from his own demons. 

The storyline jumps one month ahead to May 11. Taehyung caught is vandalizing by the police and runs away. The police follow after him, but he loses them along the way. He enters a loft, and we're not sure whose place it is until he comes face to face with Namjoon. Namjoon questions the whole point of spray painting. Taehyung comments that he only ever paints over what's already there, and that he uses a diferent color each time. 

He then smiles sheepishly and asks if he can spend the night. 

Scenes that left a lasting impression:

The Key:  Jungkook's role in the beginning of this chapter has further solidified our theory that he might be the key to saving Yoongi. However, after reading the last chapter, another thought crossed our minds: Is there a possible ending where Yoongi can't be saved? We'll have to wait and see how it all plays out in the next couple chapters. 

Love Yourself: Seokjin traveled back to the past in order to save his friends, but does it go deeper than saving them from death? In this chapter, even after he rescues Yoongi from the fire, Seokjin doesn't actually save Yoongi from his inner darkness. We're getting some "Love Yourself" vibes here. In order for anyone to save Yoongi, perhaps he must first love himself. What do you think?

Metaphors: Did anyone else catch that deep metaphor? What seems like a casual conversation about spray-painting, seems to be an actual metaphor for Seokjin going through time. Taehyung tells Namjoon that he paints over the same thing each time, but uses different colors. Seokjin travels to the same place in time, but makes a different decision every trip. In the end, both the paintings and the timelines may seem alike, but are inherently different. 

Let us know your theories below!!

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