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Red Velvet Set To Be The First Guests On JTBC's New Show "Stage K"

Mwave by Nia Johnson Mar 12, 2019 13:00 Updated Mar 13, 2019 04:01

Credit: SM Entertainment 

Red Velvet is confirmed to be the latest K-Pop girl group to guest star on the upcoming reality series "Stage K". 

On March 3, it was revealed that the five-member group would feature as JTBC's newest reality show's first guests. According to this Naver article, the group was invited to be the first "Dream star" guests because of their popularity with the show's contestants.  "Red Velvet is a cute yet sophisticated group that has a variety of charms," commented the "Stage K" crew. 

"Stage K" is a new JTBC program that enables fans from around the world to compete against one another for the title of K-Pop cover dancer. The show will go to seventy-seven locations around the world. Tokyo, Hanoi, Mexico City, Los Angeles, and Bankok are just some of the latest additions to the list. Contestants will first audition and go through local preliminary rounds, and those who wow with their dance skills will be able to advance into the final rounds and compete in Seoul, South Korea. They'll even get the chance to perform with actual K-Pop idols! 

The show is scheduled to air sometime in early April. Not much else has been divulged about the project, but with its premiere a month away, the program is sure to release more information in the coming weeks. 

We found a video of Red Velvet's Seulgi inviting fans to participate in the show! And she wasn't the only one, iKON also paired with JTBC and sent out their own encouraging messages. Who knows, perhaps you'll have the chance to perform on stage with them. Check out both clips, which are equipped with full English subs, here. And if you haven't seen the teaser trailer for "Stage K," watch it up above. 

What are some of your thoughts on this new K-Pop cover dance show? Share them in the comment section down below. 

Thumbnail Credit: JTBC 

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