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Red Velvet's Yeri Releases Fairy-Tale Like Teaser For Upcoming "STATION 3" Release "Dear Diary"

Mwave by Nia Johnson Mar 12, 2019 17:00 Updated Mar 13, 2019 08:26

Credit: SM Entertainment 

Red Velvet's Yeri released another teaser photo for her upcoming  "STATION 3" release "Dear Diary"! 

With two days left until its release, Red Velvet's Yeri has unveiled another teaser photo, and it's straight out of a fairy tale. Yeri softly looks into the camera lens as the sunset's rays delicately reflecting upon her face. She also sits atop a swing that's wrapped around by vines, and we can't help but notice her beautiful lace dress. Upon first glance, she looks innocent, but if you look closer, you'll feel the mature vibe. 

And that's exactly what Yeri is going for. "Dear Diary" was written and composed by Yeri, and is supposed to reflect her feelings on turning 20. That age that sits between your youth and adulthood. The song is scheduled for release this March 14, just two days from now, so you'll be able to form your own opinion then. 

SM Station recently released a behind the scenes video of "Dear Diary". If you want to see how the MV will look ahead of its release, check out the full release here. Yeri even divulges some never before seen scenes!

This isn't the first "STATION 3" release Yeri has featured in. She, along with NCT's RENJUN and Jeno, released the "Trolls" OST song "Hair in the Air". You can check out the full MV and song here

Thumbnail Credit: SM Entertainment 

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