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SEVENTEEN's S.Coup's Posts Pouty Selfie For The Launch Of His Instagram Account

Mwave by Nia Johnson Mar 14, 2019 13:00 Updated Mar 15, 2019 04:24

Credit: @sound_of_coups 

On March 14, SEVENTEEN's leader S.Coups opened a personal Instagram account! 

Are you surprised? Because we are! We've been waiting for S.Coups to open an Instagram account for a while now, especially after fellow SEVENTEEN members launched their own last year. It's been a few hours since S.Coups opened the account, and since he's acquired more than 177,000 followers. 

He's also following other popular Instagram accounts -- seven to be exact. Can you guess who they belong to? The official SEVENTEEN account and fellow members Woozi, Vernon, Joshua, Seungkwan, Mingyu, and The8! We can't wait to see who else makes the list. 

His first official Instagram post was an adorable pouty selfie. Anyone else a pile of goo? Along with the adorable photo was the message "Present". And what a present it was! 

There's sure to be more cute photos and captions in the future, so if you'd like, follow S.Coups here

Thumbnail Credit: Pledis Entertainment 

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