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Discussion Post: Here's What Happened On BTS' "Save Me" Chapter 10

Mwave by Nia Johnson Mar 14, 2019 17:00 Updated Mar 15, 2019 08:00

The latest chapter of BTS' "Save Me" just came out on LINE's Webtoon app, but before we get started, please be aware that there will be spoilers ahead.

Image Credit: LINE Webtoon

We gave you a glimpse into chapter nine, now, we'll be discussing chapter ten! What happened to Hoseok? Find out below. 

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What Happened in "Save Me" Chapter 10 

Seokjin is back to his present time. He's frustrated that he was transported back in time before he could do anything to help. However, that doesn't stop him from moving forward. He vows to keep trying, and opens his drawer to look down at a photo. The group of friends are happily smiling at one another, something Seokjin wishes to experience again. The photo is labeled June 12 (the day of BTS' debut). 

It's now May 10, and Hoseok is walking across a bridge. This is the event that would eventually place him in the hospital. However, before he can fall, someone catches him -- Seokjin. The scene then flashes back to the group during their school days. They're all having fun when Hoseok faints. He laughs off the fall, and immediately takes his medication. 

Hoseok wakes up and finds himself in a strange car! Even stranger, the fact that Seokjin is next to him. Seokjin is worried about his fall, but Hoseok brushes it off and claims that he's 100% okay. Seokjin says he's going to take Hoseok to the hospital, but Hoseok says there's no use in doing so. Like the flashback, he takes his pills. Seokjin comments that he's still taking the same medication, and inquires whether Hoseok knows the reason behind it. Hoseok sadly smiles and asks Seokin to pull over because he has to go to work. He then look around Seokjin's car and notices all the notes -- the ones detailing everyone's location of death -- and asks what it all is. It's now Hoseok's turn to ask Seokjin if everything is okay. 

Hoseok, who is now at work, is confused about what is going on. 

Namjoon and Hoseok meet up and talk about Seokjin. He's confused, albeit a little suspicious, about Seokjin's sudden appearance in his life. He doesn't know how Seokjin was there at the exact moment he needed him. Namjoon feels the same. 

Hoseok borrows Namjoon's scooter to go somewhere. He texted Seokjin earlier, and when he's stops at a red light, checks to see if his friend replied. To his frustration, Seokjin hasn't even read the message. However, when he looks to the side, he sees Seokjin in his truck! Wanting to talk to him, he rushes to cross over lanes, when all of a sudden the honk of a car fills the air. There's a screech, and then there's nothing,..

We're curious... 

A Support System: Will Seokjin's attempt at saving Hoseok hurt Jimin in the end? Both Jimin and Hoseok finds solace in one another during their stay in the hospital. Will that lack of support push Jimin to his own breaking point? 

Death: Hoseok died... or did he? We don't actually see him die the two times he's injured. We're not even sure if he was injured in the last scene (although we have a strong feeling that he was). Will the final moments of the chapter land Hoseok in the hospital, or see Jin fail to save another friend? 

Discovery: Both Hoseok and Namjoon are curious about Seokjin. Will they learn about his time travel abilities? And if so, will that impact Jin being able to save them? 

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