[Notice] Countries and regions with shipping delay (Updated 2022.07.20)

Oct 21, 2021

Hello, this is Mwave.
We would like to inform you about the countries and regions where shipping has been delayed due to COVID-19.

* Current Countries With EMS Shipping "Suspension"
- Belarus, South Africa, Russia (EMSP unavailable), Lebanon, Vatican, Bhutan, San Marino, Ukraine (EMSP unavailable), Italy, Kuwait, Peru

- China: Guangzhou (CAN), Shanghai (SHA), Yeontae (YNT), Qingdao (TAO)

1. Reasons for suspension of accepting mail: Reduction of alternative transportation and restriction of processing personnel, equipment, and transportation in China
2. Date of lift of ban: Announced separately.

* Current Countries With EMS Shipping "Restrictions"
- Philippines: areas handling EMS differ by postal code

1. EMS service is available in Metro Manila area starting with zip code (1~) (but, delay is possible)
2. Palawan Island (5314, 5315, 5316, 5317), Mindoro Island (5110, 5111): EMS service is not available
3. To areas other than No.1 and No.2 where there is always a delay due to COVID-19, delivery is possible but there are EMS service restrictions
(Confirming delivery, missing the tracking information and concerning long-term delayed delivery, etc.)

*Current countries with EMS shipping “delay”
- United States: LA-bound (LAX exchange office) delay in processing and customs clearance after arrival at the exchange country (which may take 2 to 4 weeks)

*Mail with time limit, paperwork for studying abroad or shipping documents prohibited for shipping

*Current FedEx Shipment "Suspended" Country
1. Suspension of service in Shanghai, China

- Areas covered: Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui and Jiangxi
- Reasons for suspension: Shanghai, China Covid-19 lockdown and operations of Pudong International Airport (PVG)
- Date of lift of ban: Announced separately.

2. Suspension of export cargo service from Korea to Beijing, China
- Reasons for suspensionl: Immediate suspension of export cargo service from Korea to Beijing in accordance with the Chinese authorities' policy of preventing and controlling COVID-19
- Date of lift of ban: Announced separately

3. Suspension of service in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus
- Date of lift of ban: Announced separately.

* Under the terms of the FedEx Service Guide, shipments affected by the above service interruption are not eligible for refunds or credits under the refund guarantee policy.
Thank you.
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