[Notice] Countries and regions with shipping delay (Updated 2021.10.12)

Oct 21, 2021

Hello, this is Mwave.
We would like to inform you about the countries and regions where shipping has been delayed due to COVID-19.

*Countries where EMS shipping has “stopped”
- South Africa, Lebanon, Vatican, San Marino, Italy, Kuwait, Peru, Australia

*Countries where EMS shipping has been “restricted”
- United States : Hawaii region shipping suspended
- Philippines : no transportation to the rest of the country including Manila and Luzon Island

*Zip codes that are available for shipping : Manila (starting with 1), Luzon Island (starting with 25~,29~,36~,38~,40~,48~,49~,51~,52~)
*There are still regions inside Luzon Island where transportation is not available, therefore please take a careful look at the above zip codes that are available for shipping.

Thank you.
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