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* Submission will be closed at 23:59 on 28th May based on PDT(Pacific Daylight Time) 

Is there a minimum/maximum number of members a group can have?
-Minimum of 1 member to 10 members maximum in a group

What is the maximum number of tracks we can perform and for how long at the final?
-At final, all teams will perform one single track or one remixed track. In case of remixed songs, the total play time should be less than 5 minutes.

Are all remixed songs allowed?
-Yes, as long as the play time is within 5 minutes.

Can a participant compete for more than one team?
-No, a participant can only compete for one team

How do I submit the video when applying?
-You can attach the URL of any of YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive or other videos uploaded online platform which do not require additional sign-up or log-in.

What is the meaning of ‘the finalists’?
-Finalists are the teams that are chosen to compete at the final. Finalists will receive the convention passes for KCON 2018 NY. And the winning team will get the sole opportunity to perform on the MCOUNTDOWN Pre-Show.

Do finalists receive support for any travel expenses to 2018 KCON NY for the final?
-We are sorry but all finalists are responsible for their own travel expenses. We only offer KCON 2018 NY convention access to the finalists.

Do we have to cosplay for submission video?
-It is not necessary to cosplay for the video, but it would be better to do so on the final stage as your visual could affect the final score.