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BTS Wins "Album of The Year" At 2018 MAMA in Hong Kong

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BTS Wins "Album of The Year"

Acceptance Speech (excerpt)

RM: ARMY around the world, we want to give this honor to you. We want to give this award to not only the artists here at MAMA, but also to other artists who are working really hard to produce good albums. This award doesn’t mean that we are the best. Also, we never said this anywhere before but, CEO Bang, thank you. When we were trainees and didn’t have anything, in the very beginning in 2013 when we first debuted he told us that we are the best in his mind. He told us that we will get really big soon and become the best idol group ever. Apparently, his friends told him not to quit his job to support us because he was an amazing songwriter. But, thank you for believing in us. We respect you so much and love you.

Jungkook: How was our stage tonight? We got the award tonight. We always want to be proud artists to ARMY. We want to say that you guys can be proud of us. To us, our number one is you, ARMY. Thank you, and love you.

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