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BTS Wins "Artist of The Year" At 2018 MAMA in Hong Kong

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BTS Wins "Artist of The Year"

Acceptance Speech (excerpt)

j-hope: ARMY, before we went up the stage we were worried. We always want to show the best performance without any mistakes so every time when we go up on the stage and practice we get nervous. This award is... (crying). I think I would have cried even if we didn’t get this award because we tried our hardest and we received so much love from you. So, thank you and I want to thank the BTS members who are up on the stage with me.

JIMIN: ARMY, we have been through many hard and rough times and we always come together and reflect. We realized that there are so many people around us .When did this happen? These thoughts made us endure the hard times. We really wanted to receive this award again on this stage. Our fans' pride is our pride. Next year, we want to receive this award again to give back to you guys. 

V: Thank you for raising us mom and dad. I can’t believe that we received this award and thank you for giving us so many good awards every year. I think ARMY is the most valuable gift to us. 

SUGA: Thank you, ARMY, and thank you to all of our parents. We thought 2018 was our year but we’ll make 2019 even better.

JIN: ARMY, we were going through some rough times in the very beginning of the year. We were even thinking about disbanding, but we decided to stay together. We got good results in the end and I’m really thankful to the BTS members for keeping us together. Thank you. 

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