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[Video] GFriend Takes Home 2nd ′M COUNTDOWN′ Trophy with ′Navillera′

Mwave by Choi Shin Ae Jul 29, 2016 03:30 Updated Oct 30, 2017 18:24
GFriend has once again beat Wonder Girls for the number 1 trophy.

On July 28, GFriend took the Mnet M COUNTDOWN trophy home with Navillera.
The 2 contenders for July′s last week′s number 1 slot were GFriend and Wonder Girls. Similar to last week, the 2 groups once again faced each other and GFriend came out on top.

GFriend has taken the number 2 trophy home with Navillera for the second consecutive week.
GFriend, who won number 1, did not show their tears this time around either. Instead, with a shaky voice, they said, "To our families and members who continue to support us, we love you. We will try hard. Thank you for loving us." They also thanked their fan club saying, "Buddy, we love you so much, Buddy."

Meanwhile, other M COUNTDOWN performances of the night included Fei, SONAMOO, Gugudan, ASTRO, Brave Girls, Romeo, Snuper and more.

Photo credit: Mnet ′M COUNTDOWN′
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