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MWAVE [Winners Announcement] MONSTA X World Tour 'The Connect' Ticket Event Aug 1, 2018

We're glad to announce the winners for "MONSTA X World Tour 'THE CONNECT' Ticket Event"! 

If you are on the winner's list, please follow the steps of the [Notice] written below.



[3 Winners] 

Sugarchame (twitter @ ilynongnong)

Lovelymonbebe (Youtube @ LilMonb3b3 MX)

snchzjers (twitter @ fromzer000)

*Each winner will be given 2 tickets of MONSTA X LA concert (Aug 3, 2018 @Microsoft Theater) 



Please follow below steps to get the prize: 

1. Take a screenshot of the following:

- Your Mwave account page info

- Your Post in the Chatting Room 

- Your post in the SNS 

- Proof of ownership of SNS account (used for this event).

2. Send us email with your [Name / Address / Phone Number / Screenshots above] to 


3. Wait for us to reply with further details of the concert 


**Due date to send Personal Information: August 2 2018, 11am (EST)


It will automatically be canceled if you do not enter your correct information within the due date. 

Please email (mwaveevent@gmail.com) us prior to the date if you cannot attend the MONSTA X LA Concert.

Please do not enter your information if you are not on the winner's list.

This concert is absolutely not able to transfer. You cannot resell or transfer the tickets to 3rd party. 

If the information on the ID does not match with our audience list, entree will be denied. 

Thank you.