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KCON Fan Awards

  • kcon 2018 la fan awards my artist deserves an one-and-only award in world!
    • STEP 1

      Name the award you want to give to your KCON artists and share with us.

    • STEP 2

      The artists will choose the awards they like the most.

    • STEP 3

      We’ll present the awards directly to the artists at KCON with shout-outs to the winners!
      Don’t miss your chance to give your one-and-only award to your favorite stars!

    Who made the best award for K-pop stars?
    Check on KCON 2018 LA ON-AIR!


    • Vote is available for one ID per day.
    • Redundant and offensive awards may be deleted without notice.
    • Duplication does not affect to the evaluation. (Quality before quantity!)
    • Just let you know, this event is not a competition.

    Awards to

    • Ailee

    • Chung Ha

    • Crush

    • Davichi

    • Dreamcatcher

    • Dynamic Duo

    • fromis_9

    • Golden Child

    • IMFACT

    • IN2IT


    • NU'EST W


    • Roy Kim

    • Seventeen

    • Twice

    • Wanna One

    This Event has finished

    * Please note that redundant and offensive award may be deleted without notice.


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