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  • SHOW YOUR LOVE with KCON 2018 LA Line-up Artists!

    Evnet Period 27 July – 8 August, 2018

    1Click=1Heart ♡ #GoldenChild
    1Click=1Heart ♡ #MOMOLAND
    Let’s show your love
    with the KCON 2018 LA
    Line-up Artists!
    In half the world, there are girls waiting for the opportunity of an education. Why don’t we give them a chance at living a new life with one click while waiting for KCON 2018 LA?
    Show your love every day for Girls’ Education Campaign along with your favorite K-pop Star! KCON LA Line-up artists will donate 10 cents to UNESCO for every click you make.

    CJ, in partnership with UNESCO, has been training teachers, empowering girls, building women’s literacy, and creating
    a better life for over one million girls in Cambodia, Egypt, Mauritania, Mozambique, Nepal, Tanzania, and Vietnam.”

Thank you for
your support!
don't miss it If the heart is filled up to 50%, KCON 2018 LA Line-up Artist's surprise videos will be released on this page!
* Total number of hearts are updated each 10 minutes
Bright Girls,
Brighter Future!
The CJ-UNESCO Girls’ Education Campaign, “Bright Girls, Brighter Future!”, was launched in November 2014. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of educating girls CJ uses media outreach and leverages various business platforms to invite all our stakeholders to address the issue of limited access to education faced by girls in developing regions.
  • - 1 click converts to 10 cents.
  • - Donations can be made once a day per ID.
  • - When the goal has been reached, Mwave will donate to CJ-UNESCO Girls’ Education in the name of KCON LA Line-up Artists.
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