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Six Emotional MAMA Win Moments That Are The Definition Of Dream Fulfillment

Mwave 翻譯者 Nia Johnson Dec 5, 2018 18:00 更新 Dec 6, 2018 07:51

We're just a few days away from 2018 MAMA! Are you ready? A week full of your favorite idols, artists, and actors gracing the MAMA stage in Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea! 

As we've seen in the #LikeMAMA videos, winning an award is like achieving a dream. And those emotions that you feel when you achieve your dreams--whether you're an artist winning at MAMA or a fan watching at home--are something universal. That moment where everything you've worked so hard for has culminates in something amazing is unforgettable and emotionally overwhelming. So, below, here are some recent MAMA moments you might remember where idols achieved their dreams of winning and left bare their emotions--and ours. 

1. [MAMA 2016] TWICE - "Song of the Year" win

2. [MAMA 2017 in Hong Kong]  EXO - "Album of the Year" win

3. [2017 MAMA] Wanna One - "Best Male Group" win

4. [2016 MAMA] BTS - "Artist of the Year" win 

5. [2017 MAMA in Japan] Pristin - "Best New Female Artist" win 

6. [2016 MAMA] NCT 127 - "Best New Male Artist" win 

Who else is in need of some tissues? Let us know which MAMA moment over the past few years had you the most emotional.

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