TWS - 1st Mini Album [Sparkling Blue]

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SIGNED TWS – 1st Mini Album [Sparkling Blue]

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PRODUCT 1 : $27.99
SIGNED TWS – 1st Mini Album [Sparkling Blue] (1EA-Random) (Signed by All Members)

PRODUCT 2 : $55.98 -> $55
SIGNED TWS – 1st Mini Album [Sparkling Blue] (2EA-SET) (Signed by All Members)

SIGNED TWS – 1st Mini Album [Sparkling Blue] (Signed by All Members)

JAN 23 ~ FEB 18, 18:00 (KST)
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Signed Polaroid to 12 randomly selected purchasers

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TWS - 1st Mini Album [Sparkling Blue]
TWS - 1st Mini Album [Sparkling Blue]