Youth Protection Policy

CJ ENM (the “Company”) shall implement the following Youth Protection Policy to protect and prevent youth from accessing harmful information in compliance with relevant laws, including the Youth Protection Act and the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc., and the Company’s Service Operation Policy.

  • - Establishing the Youth Protection Policy to protect youth against harmful information
  • - Taking measures to restrict access to harmful information by youth and monitor youth protection
  • - Offering employee training on the implementation of youth protection plans and administrative measures in relation to information harmful to youth
  • - Implementing other measures required for youth protection, such as offering counseling for victims and resolving related grievances

Compliance with the Regulations in Relation to the Youth Protection Act

The Company shall comply with the following regulations in relation to the Youth Protection Act.

  • - Review Regulations on Information and Telecommunications of Korea Communications Standards Commission
  • - Regulations (Standards and Rules) on Content Harmful to Youth of the Commission on Youth Protection under the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family

*Pursuant to Article 28 (Establishment of the Shop Use Contract) of the Mwave Service Terms and Conditions, any contracts (for product purchases) concluded with minors may be cancelled by such minors or their legal representatives unless the consent of such legal representatives has been attained in advance. Purchase orders may not be approved in the following cases.

  1. ① When the information provided is deemed to be false, have omissions, and/or be mistyped
  2. ② When minors attempt to purchase goods and/or services prohibited by the Youth Protection Act
  3. ③ When approval for a purchase order is deemed disruptive to the Shop system

Names, Organizational Units, and Contact Information of Youth Protection Manager and Staff Members

  1. A. Youth Protection Manager : Live Entertainment Business Department General Manager, Kim Hyun Su (

[Supplementary Provisions]

  1. 1. The Youth Protection Policy shall take effect on September 1, 2023.